Diabetes Etiquette

Posted by on Jun 17, 2011 in Great Reads | 2 comments

I was introduced to a great website recently – The Behavioral Diabetes Institute The BDI  is a nonprofit organisation dedicated to helping people with diabetes live long, healthy and happy lives. They have some great articles published on their site but the Diabetes Etiquette card is brilliant. Designed to give to those who do not have Diabetes. You can download the article here: Diabetes Etiquette >> All comments...

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Diabetes & Motivation

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Our last support group meeting focused on motivation and diabetes. Chaired by Helena Farrell RGN, Diabetes Nurse Educator who works out of  Blackrock Hall Primary Care Centre in Cork and runs Diabetes Insight, the meeting was brilliant. Firstly Helena asked us to give some examples of what motivates us with regards to our diabetes. The following are some of the motivators that people spoke about: Our Family and children – staying healthy...

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T2 and working it!

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I was diagnosed t2 just before Xmas (2010), but had wondered if i may be diabetic on a number of occasions beforehand – thirsty and tired a lot, had a spot glucose test about 10 years ago, and was told it was fine, but I didn’t ask what the reading was. Recently I’d been thinking that I didn’t want the trouble a diagnosis would bring – but mum persuaded me to get a test. So- Whilst it wasn’t particularly...

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Don’t Stop me Now

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I got T1 4 years ago when I was 26, and it was totally out of the blue. The best advice I was given was by a friend who’d had T1 for 10 years who said “don’t let it stop you doing anything, just carry your pen and your sweets and away you go”. I’ve tried to apply this advice to everything since, as well as getting as clued up as I can about it through courses at the hospital and reading books. Looking back on...

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