Type 1 Support Group in Cork – All Welcome

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I think we all know the impact that Type 1 can have on our lives but sometimes its hard to meet people who understand. I have been part of the Type 1 Support group for over a year now and have found the meetings to be so worthwhile. It has been great to meet wth people who face the same daily stresses and learn how they cope but even more importantly has been the support I have received and the great friends I have made. The group is small and...

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You can’t just GET diabetes surely!

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I was diagnosed in April 2008, much to my disbelief. The day after I got home from a long haul holiday I experienced the Almighty Thirst, but I put it down to being dehydrated from the long flight. But it stayed with me for over a week. In the end it was actually the fact that I’d lost my appetite and felt a bit off in general that made me go to the Doctor, thinking maybe I’d picked up a bug on my travels. My friend had mentioned...

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